Client Transformations

"Training with Candace has made me in the best shape of my life!..."

“Over the course of 2 months I lost 6lbs and 3 inches around my waist without going on another diet. Candace is always attentive and focused during every session.”


– Gwen Mills | Director, International Union

"For the first time in 4 years I'm back into my pre-pregnancy jeans and shorts..."

“I dropped 3 inches around my waist in 90 days and my stomach is much tighter and flatter.”


– Tiffany Lau | Stay At Home Mom To 3 Kids

"I felt so confident and proud of my body the day of my wedding..."

“In 90 days I lost 5lbs of fat and gained 2lbs of muscle while quitting Whole30.”


– Megan Connelly | Director of Marketing, Saks Fifth Aveneue

Interested in working together?

Hey I’m Coach Candace, owner of Rhodes To Strength

Almost 20 years ago the body of a Shape magazine model caught my attention. She was lean and toned with curves and I wanted a body just like hers.

Unfortunately my approach to exercise and dieting to get there took me in the opposite direction.

I started exercised every day doing hours of cardio and some weight lifting. I quit eating carbs, reduced calories and tried to only healthy ‘clean’ foods.

After a year of random unorganized workouts, I didn’t even look like I worked out because nothing changed.

At my annual check-up my doctor said my bodyfat was over 30%. That’s when I knew things I needed to do something different because I was skinny fat and I felt weak.

Looking back I’ve made so many mistakes.

After graduating college with a degree in Biochemistry, working with multiple trainers and spending $$$ on courses I’ve learned a reproducible framework to changing my physique.

With every single client I work with, I implement the Rhodes To Strength system which focuses on four key areas – your unique eating style, strength training, support and accountability.

This means you get a solid foundation in healthy habits so you get to keep your results for life and it’s going to be sustainable.

No fad dieting. No endless amounts of boring cardio. No supplements needed.

Just a simple system that works.

How To Get Started On Your Transformation

Step #1

Book A Call

We’ll spend 30 minutes together to listen to your goals and your challenges. If there is a good fit I’ll share with the details of my services. 

Step #2

Customized Plan

We start off with a detailed intake form so you get a personalized habit building program that fits your goals.

Step #3

Let's Get To Work

Get a custom easy-to-follow plan for you that you will execute with plenty of acccountability and support. 

Online Coaching Programs

Signature Offering

A 4-month program to transform your life and live a healthier, sustainable lifestyle with healthier habits. Work 1:1 with Coach Candace and get a custom program for you.

Lifestyle Foundations

This is a 6-week intro course with daily actionable lessons to help you get back on track to being healthy.  This is for those who are lost in where to start in wanting to feel healthy again but want to start making changes. 


Melt Unwanted Weight Without Feeling Hungry – Look More Fit And Feel Stronger – Feel Empowered And Educated About Your Body And Your Health – Feel In Control Of Your Health