Sneaky Ways Your Beverages Are Adding Calories To Your Waistline

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I’m a simple person who does not care much for everyday novelty.

I eat similar meals throughout the day. I buy multiples of the same clothes. My granny self is in bed by 9:30 pm though on Saturday it’s usually by 10:30 pm. And I do the same grocery run every Saturday with my husband.

It’s pretty routine but at the same time it’s what keeps me productive and gives me freedom at the same time.

Novelty story begins…

Well one day I was in line at Peet’s and decided to be a little daring and order something other than my usual hot green tea.

Latte I thought.

I’ll get a latte. Who knows what a latte is but I’m going to inject a little excitement into my day.

(Mind you it is a rare occasion that I go to Starbucks or Peet’s or even any coffee shop because I don’t drink caffeine.)

So I ordered a green tea latte.

While waiting for my drink I was scanning the drink board and saw that a green tea latte contained 370 calories!


How could a green tea latte contain 370 calories?!

My jaw literally dropped when I realized what I ordered! Well there goes my late night snack calories I thought.

A cup of whole milk contained only 100 calories. Where did the other 270 calories come from?

Completely baffled I reasoned the extra 270 probably came from a sweetener. Needless to say I drank only a quarter cup of the latte and the rest went into the trash not only because of the calories but because it just didn’t taste that good.

So much for novelty.

What do you start your day off with?

Most people I saw waiting in line at Peet’s walked away with a tall cup of latte of some form. Some had the whipped cream with some chocolate others had caramel.

Meanwhile I’m imagining how much better their lattes tasted compared to mine.

However, starting your days with a cup of caffeinated sugar is definitely not ideal.

Not only are you injecting your body full of sugar and empty calories but it’s not a sustainable source of energy for your body.

If my latte contained 370 calories imagine what adding whip cream and chocolate would add up to! It’s going to add up to almost half a day’s worth of calories in 1 drink and they haven’t even eaten breakfast yet.

Grab a muffin or a bagel on the go and it’s no wonder American waistlines are expanding!

The dark side of sugar

When you wake up and eat anything sugary for breakfast – latte, muffin, cereal, bagel, fruit bar etc it causes an insulin spike in your body.

Insulin is a hormone that helps your body convert sugar/carbs into energy sources that your cells can uptake. When your insulin is constantly spiked by your diet it causes your body to become resistance to its signals. You become insulin resistant leading to a buildup of sugar in your bloodstream which leads to fatigue, hunger, brain fog and an expanding waistline.

With prolonged insulin resistance something more serious happens – you develop Type II diabetes.

What if you don’t do lattes like me?

Soda, flavored water, drinks with electrolytes, Kombucha drinks and most healthy drinks all contain some form of sugar even if they contain vitamins/minerals.

It may not be fructose or sucrose but could include some form of manmade sugar such as sucralose in which case the label will say ‘sugar free’ because the body cannot digest it and instead gives you gas.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be gassy all day.

I don’t do sodas either…

Well what about fruit juice and smoothies you ask? Good question!

This brings me to another story of novelty because I never buy bottled juice of any kind. The selection of juices is just overwhelming and when I’m that thirsty I want a guaranteed delicious drink.

So I go to my trusty beverage….water.

It just so happens this one time I was dying of thirst when I was doing my Saturday grocery run at Rainbows and picked up a coconut pineapple drink.

It was delicious and low in calories compared to the other juices they had on the shelf. I was pleasantly surprised!

But juice is something I rarely drink even when if I’m out for multiple reasons,

Eating fruit is very different from drinking the juice.

When you eat fruit, you also eat all the fiber that comes along with and it slows down the amount of insulin released which slows down the absorption of sugar. Drinking fruit juice is just like drinking straight sugar even if the sweetness comes from fruit.

100% not from concentrate – really?

When juice is extracted from the fruit months before it gets to the shelf it’s stored in holding tanks before it’s ready to be packaged. After sitting around juice loses its flavor and it’s color so manufacturer’s need to add back flavor and color to the juice. All done and said the state of the juice is completely different from when it was originally extracted.

The quickest way to lose weight

The quickest and easiest way to change your diet to help you lose weight is to cut out all the other beverages you drink besides water, black coffee, and plain tea.

Even protein shakes.

There I said it yes I did.

Liquid calories do not fill you up and keep you satisfied like eating real food does. Eating your protein will keep you fuller than drinking the same amount.

As someone who drank a shake right after my workouts every single time even I have cut out protein shakes because I’m on a fat loss plan. I find that a shake takes up precious calories that I would have rather eaten instead.

So why doesn’t drinking the same amount of calories keep you as full versus if you ate those calories?

There are multiple reasons,

(1) Because it is in liquid form your body doesn’t have to use its energy to break it down as much so the transit time through your digestive system is much faster.

(2) When it passes through your digestion quicker, it’s more bioavailable to your body. That means your body can start using that energy source quicker versus if it has to digest and process solid food.

(3) Since you are drinking the fluid you don’t need to chew it or digest it. This doesn’t trigger a signal to your body that you’ve in fact ‘eaten’ at all. It doesn’t register in your brain that you’ve acquired calories because your stomach didn’t relay signals of fullness.

To Sum It Up

So what have we learned from reading this besides that I still don’t know what Peet’s put in their green tea lattes?

(1) To lose weight fast, cut out all beverages except water, black coffee, and tea from your diet

(2) Choose to eat your fruit instead of drinking it to minimize the insulin spike

(3) Liquid calories don’t register the same amount of satiety in your brain compared to eating your calories

Candace Rhodes
I’m a NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, hold a MS in Biochemistry, and have over a decade of experience in the biotech industry. I specialize in cutting through the noise and fads to help females lose weight, specifically the last 10-15lbs, all without crazy restrictive diets, endless hours of training. I help make it sustainable, fun, and effective, boosting their morale and helping them look and feel amazing in a body they love!