All Personal Training Packages Include

1-on-1 Training

Get full-body, metabolic burning workouts customized to your body to maximize calorie burn and get you results in the shortest amount of time. Travel workouts can be included and are delivered online.

Personalized Nutrition Plans

Trying to figure out what to eat is a challenge. We've simplified the process so you get a personalized eating plan that leaves you feeling nourished and full of energy while being easy to follow. New clients receive a custom nutrition program that is based on their eating preferences and lifestyle.

Accountability & Community

A lifestyle change can be exciting, rewarding and challenging at the same time. Surround yourself with a supportive community of people who care and will cheer you on! You get continuous positive support through phone, email, or text.

Body Assessments

When you train with us you get detailed body assessments so that your programs are designed to fit you so you get faster results.  We track and do regular measurements so you can celebrate how far you’ve come. Regular metrics deliver proof that your small changes are adding up!

Rates & Packages

Training packages are customized to fit perfectly for each client based on their goals, diet preferences, schedules, and lifestyles. Package rates start at $520. Please fill out this form to book your free consult to get a customized plan that's going to get you the body you've been dreaming about.