New To The Gym? Avoid These 3 Mistakes…No Really!

Fitness, Guest Post

Lately there’s been a overwhelm of information out telling you what to do in order to start working out and losing weight,

HIIT cardio

Steady state cardio


IF (intermittent fasting)

Meal timing


Jillian workouts

But in all of this ‘to-do’ information it’s just as important to figure out what NOT to do and mistakes to avoid when you first get started. If someone told me this when I first started I would have gotten results faster with less confusion. Lucky for you I wrote an article covering just that for Steve Aitchison’s Personal Growth and Development blog. You can absorb my wisdom HERE.

Candace Rhodes
I’m a NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, hold a MS in Biochemistry, and have over a decade of experience in the biotech industry. I specialize in cutting through the noise and fads to help females lose weight, specifically the last 10-15lbs, all without crazy restrictive diets, endless hours of training. I help make it sustainable, fun, and effective, boosting their morale and helping them look and feel amazing in a body they love!