How To Sleep Better So You Lose More BodyFat

When I was in my 20s if I had to pick between a lack of food or the lack of sleep I preferred to go without sleep. I was able to stay up past midnight and get up at 6 AM to put in a 10 hour workday no problem. I functioned on less sleep just fine and recovered from my workouts quickly.

But eating delicious food and trying out new restaurants was such a high priority on my list that I wanted every meal to be yummy.

Now that I'm in my mid-30s getting a good night's sleep is paramount. I notice how cranky I am when I sleep less than 7 hours and how I become more A.D.D. on tasks that require focus. I'm become less patient and my brain functions like a whiny toddler that's unhappy.

To add to that I have a husband who snores and doesn't mind that I'm up half the night listening to him. He also falls asleep the moment the light goes out which annoys me because it can take me up to 20 minutes to fall asleep.

So trying to get a good night's sleep is tough some times and if you're also struggling to sleep like the dead here are tips to make sure of it,

Kill The Screen Time 30 Minutes Before Bed

The TV doesn't come on unless my husband turns it on. I don't know if it's because of the complication of 3 remotes, a keyboard, and the computer hooked up to the TV that deters me or what but I never turn on the TV. When I do watch TV I try to avoid any blood and gore, violent, horror, adrenaline rushing shows before bed which my husband loves to watch.

I find that stuff over activates my brain and keeps me up. Who can sleep when you just watched someone get chased and eaten by a zombie?!

How's Your Pillow?

Okay don't judge but I used love flat pillows. I hated when I got new pillows and they were so dang fluffy. Now I cannot do flat pillows anymore and as a side sleeper I'm extremely picky about my pillow and need some serious pillow height. I found that replacing my pillow pretty much instantly changed the quality of my sleep, I sleep through the night with less tossing and turning.

My latest super fluff of a pillow is by Layla, a hybrid pillow that is combo of something like memory foam and a cotton pillow combined. Sounds weird I know but I hate memory foam and cotton pillows go flat fast. So do a pillow check and see if you have a problem pillow that prevents the zzz's.

(the pillow that I will NOT share with my husband)

Waking Up With Cold Feet?

Something I've noticed between men and women is that men ALWAYS run a few degrees hotter than women. I don't know why but women are the first ones to get cold and sleeping at night that's the case for me because when I wake up half the covers are on my side of the bed. And during the winter getting in a freezing bed is no fun so I present to you heated mattress pads.

This made sleeping so much more comfortable and I stopped waking up in the middle of night feeling cold anymore. Highly recommend if you tend to run cold. There's nothing like getting into a toasty bed in the winter. I know spring is right around the corner and it's warming up but when winter rolls around you'll thank me for this purchase.

Snoring? What Snoring?

Now this is something I discovered maybe a year and a half ago. I am so grateful I found these and I buy them in bulk on Amazon. They are Mack's Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs.

When I first looked at earplugs the foam ones were hard to judge because you want them to stay in your ears when you sleep (which they won't) so you needed to find the right size (and there are a TON of sizes out there) that expanded into your ear canal (which can create pressure and hurt) to seal it off.

Silicone earplugs are simple, they just cover your ear canal. No inserting, no falling out, no creating the right size plug, just cover and go to sleep. I freakin' LOVE these ear plugs and they really muffle any noise. They do lose their stickiness over a couple of uses, so just dispose em and use a new pair. And they are not like fly trap sticky so they don't leave any residue in your ears in case you're wondering. 🙂

There you have it. My best tips for sleeping like the dead tonight.