"Personal training is far more effective and efficient than anything I'll try on my own...."

"I was gaining weight little by little each year for the past 5 years especially around my stomach, and I was not fitting into the clothes I wanted to wear so became self-conscious about how I looked. I decided to hire Candace and my experience has been great! I see her twice a week and dropped 7 pounds in 5 weeks without going on a diet. I'm surprised and proud of the progress I'm able to make so far, and I'm gaining strength every week. I highly recommend Candace especially for people who are like me and don't like to exercise. I never imagined myself loving training so much.

 I also really love how Candace is knowledgable, supportive, helpful, and just fun to chat with, which is important for me if I'm going to see someone twice a week! It's a great experience training with Candace!"


Hey there I'm Candace owner of Rhodes To Strength. I'm a former skinny fat Asian who figured out how to get my body to burn fat and put on lean muscle without spending hours in the gym or being a slave to diets and supplements.

And I’ve helped plenty of women just like you transform their bodies to have more tone, definition, and even abs so that they become a more confident version of themselves.

You can become the attractive, confident woman you dream about without going on another diet or doing hours of cardio, all while still being able to eat your favorite foods.

When you feel good and you’re confident about your body, good things happen TO you – in your career, in your relationships, and in every other area in your life. I’m here to help you transform your body so that you love what you see in the mirror and feel absolutely amazing in your own skin.

Are you ready to become the woman that radiates with confidence and strength?