Are you here because...

  • you’re frustrated with wasting time and hard earned money on weight loss diets and workout ideas that didn’t deliver results you hoped for?
  • you’re uncomfortable in your own body and wear baggy shirts and sweaters to hide your shape and avoid being in pictures?
  • you’re tired of letting your weight keep you from doing things and want to make changes to take control of your life again?
  • you’re feeling sluggish, out of shape, and embarrassed by how unhealthy you’ve gotten?

Hey there I'm Candace, a former skinny fat Asian who figured out how to get my body to burn fat and put on lean muscle without spending hours in the gym or being a slave to diets and supplements.



I’ve helped plenty of women just like you transform their bodies to have more tone, definition, and even abs so that they become a more confident version of themselves.

You can become the attractive, confident woman you dream about without going on another diet or doing hours of cardio, all while still being able to eat your favorite foods.


  • having an air of confidence in your walk that turns heads because you’re secure about your body and you love how you look in your clothes.
  • relaxing on the warm beaches of Cancun with your girlfriends wearing your favorite bikini and getting compliments on how great you look
  • feeling at ease around food and never obsessing about burning enough calories again
  • pounds and inches just melting away and feeling proud that you can finally fit back into your ‘normal’ jeans again.


When you feel good and you’re confident about your body, good things happen TO you – in your career, in your relationships, and in every other area in your life.

I’m here to help you transform your body so that you love what you see in the mirror and feel absolutely amazing in your own skin.

Are you ready to become the woman that radiates with confidence and strength?

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