Have you ever fantasized feeling amazing because you’re strong and toned in all the right places while feeling confident because you feel great about your body?

Yeah me too.

My goal here is to educate and share with you my journey to becoming fit and strong and what I’ve learned from others in hopes that you’ll get the results you want faster without wasting any more time figuring out how to get it. I give you tested advice that I have tried and proven tips I’ve learned from experts that have transformed my mind and my body. I hope by following my blog you will be more confident in understanding how to eat and workout to get you closer the body you dream of.

I won’t be recommending fads or trends.

The fitness industry emphasis looking a certain way to be considered fit and with Instagram it has become about all about looking perfect and being snobbish on peculiarities on food and diet. I’m not here to perpetuate that mentality.

Every woman’s body expresses beauty and strength in their own unique way.

I’m here to help you get stronger, shed those pounds, and improve your movement quality so you can express your best possible self in whatever way feels best for you. And I will help you find realistic, sustainable solutions for your life and provide nutrition information that fits your lifestyle and makes you feel amazing!

If any of this applies to we will get along just fine,

·         You struggle to be more consistent with working out and eating healthier.

·         You’re not seeing results no matter how hard you worked out so you assume it wasn’t meant to be

·         You want to get started with free weights but you don’t know where to start

because over 10 years ago those statements applied to me. All I did was swimming and running for exercise. I despised running and left me with a body that was skinny and scrawny.

I envied the bodies on the magazine covers and that got me interested in lifting but I struggled with figuring out what to do at the gym and stuck to machines. My exercises were random and I didn’t count reps and didn’t even know what a set or training program was. I figured I was lifting so I should get some results.

After a few years of random, unorganized workouts I was not getting the results I wanted!

Where are my Michelle Obama arms, my Kardashian butt, and my Wonder Woman strength the magazines promised?

I didn’t know what the hell I was doing wrong! Then one evening I bought something from an infomercial that changed my life. I always thought infomercials were gimmicky because I got tired of not knowing what to do with my workouts. I called the toll free number, gave them my credit card information, and my life changed forever.

This was my introduction to Tony Horton’s P90X. He became the first person to teach me how to workout with heavy weights and build lean muscle in a systematic way. I went from struggling to do one pull up to doing five in a row after finishing the program! I was hooked and used Tony’s program at my local 24-hour fitness when my weights at home got too light.

As someone who loves to learn and wants results I hire a personal trainer every year to teach me how to improve my form and coach me on my nutrition.

My recent accomplishments include,

·         Dropping from 30% bodyfat to 22% in 4 months

·         Deadlifting 195 lbs while weighing 125 lbs

·         Breaking my plateau of doing 10 pullups and now being able to do 13 strict pullups

Following other strength coaches in the field enriched my knowledge of fitness and health. Let me pass on what I've learned through the years to help you achieve what you want for your body.


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