Hey, I’m Candace

Almost 20 years ago I was unhappy with the way I looked and had vague ideas of what to change. 

Maybe gain a little muscle and lose some bodyfat…? 

Then one day the woman on the cover of Shape magazine caught my attention. She radiated confidence with her smile and she had the body I wanted –  lean and toned with a little muscle definition.

So I started exercising almost every day doing at least an hour of cardio if not more on some days and also dabbled in some light weight lifting.

 I started dieting by quitting carbs and eating healthy ‘clean’ foods. 

After 6 months of random, unorganized workouts I looked exactly the same maybe a few pounds lighter but not much change. 

All this effort and time I put into exercising and I didn’t even look like I worked out!  

At my annual check-up my doctor said my bodyfat was that of an obese person at my annual check-up. 

It was over 30%! 

That’s when I knew things needed to do something different.

Looking back at the years I’ve put in to look like the Shape magazine model I’ve made so many mistakes.

And over the past decade after graduating with a Master’s in Biochemistry, working with multiple trainers and spending $$$ on courses I’ve learned to use a scientific approach to changing my physique. 

I’ve applied these methods with my clients,  connected the dots on what worked best, and when to apply it for maximum results. 

From years of experience and my scientific background, I created a simple, easy to follow system that didn’t involve dieting or willpower to lose weight that I named the F.I.R.E. Method. 

This unique method backed by science created just for professional women involves, 

  • Fueling your body with the right amount and types of foods to burn fat
  • Igniting the amount of calories you burn through strength training
  • Redefining your mindset so you never have to depend on motivation to exercise or eat healthy
  • Emerging with a new identity to create lifestyle changes to keep the weight off forever

And hundreds of woman have had success with the F.I.R.E. Method. 

No dieting. No endless amounts of boring cardio. No supplements needed.

Just a simple system that works.

Want to go through the F.I.R.E Method?