3 Tips To Get Your Workouts In When You Have No Time


You’ve probably used the excuse “I didn’t have time” as the reason for why you didn’t get your workout in today.Excuses become a slippery slope for missing out on workouts. It starts with missing one workout, then missing one week, then the next thing you know it’s been months and now you need to get back into it.

And you’re starting over again.

This happens to most of us and at the end of the year we’re 10 pounds heavier and wonder how we got here.

Missed workouts add up fast.

As a gym rat and trainer, I love my routines and it’s what kept me consistently working out at least 3 times a week for the last 15 years. I have never taken a break for more than 2 weeks at a time and even then I feel a little off.

I understand life happens to all of us so here are 3 tips to help you maintain your workout routine even while you are on holiday, super busy, and short on time.

The main goal is to stay as consistent as possible even if you cannot perform your exact workout or put in as much time as usual.

It’s the action of going to do your workout that will make you keep you on track because it’s about habit formation and putting in the time.

Life transformation is not about the big changes, it’s about the little ones that add up to have a big impact on your life in the long run. Working out consistently is one of little changes that add up big time!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.”
– Aristotle

Here are 3 ways you can keep working out when you want to use the ‘I don’t have time’ excuse.

Tip #1 – Shorten your workouts

It makes sense if you’re short on time to shorten your workouts and there are multiple ways you can do that and still get a great workout in,

·         Do one set of every exercise. Instead of resting in between exercises like you usually do go through them at a relatively fast pace and rest when you’re completed the circuit.

·         If you want to do multiple sets you can cut back on the number of reps you’re doing to reduce your overall workout time.

·         Reduce your rest period. Challenge and hold yourself to quality reps while cutting short your rest period.

Here is an example of a quick short hotel style workout if all you have available to you are a pair of dumbbells – Hotel Quickie Workout.

Start with a pair of dumbbells that are on the lighter side because the volume adds up quick and this workout will jack your heart rate up in no time.

Tip #2 – Shorten the number of workouts you do

Most workout programs require 3-5 days a week of workouts.

If you know you’re going to busy and you have a lot of other obligations pick a workout program that requires less time commitment.

It may take you longer to get the results you want but you want to continue working out for the long haul and if these workout programs are going to get you to the gym on a more regular basis then all the better.

When you’re traveling, instead of opting out of your workouts just workout less often. It doesn’t have to be a gym workout because finding a well-equipped gym might be a challenge depending on where you’re going but instead it can be like hiking, swimming or long walks.

Tip #3 – Do what you love

If you are really short on time for your workouts and need to squeeze in something in 15 minutes I’d say only do the exercises you love. Create your own mini circuit quickie, do a couple rounds and you’re done!

For instance if all you have is your bodyweight you can do a mini circuit like below. No rest between exercises and a maximum 1 min break between complete circuits. Do 3-5 rounds as time permits.

A1 Bodyweight Squats x 30 reps
A2 Decline Pushups x 15 reps
A3 Mountain Climbersx 15 per leg
A4 Jumping Jacks x 25 total
A5 Plank Hold x 30 seconds

Applying these tips will help you make sure you continue your workouts away from home because it is the act of consistency that will help you reach your goals.

Candace Rhodes
I’m a NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, hold a MS in Biochemistry, and have over a decade of experience in the biotech industry. I specialize in cutting through the noise and fads to help females lose weight, specifically the last 10-15lbs, all without crazy restrictive diets, endless hours of training. I help make it sustainable, fun, and effective, boosting their morale and helping them look and feel amazing in a body they love!