Use Jerry Seinfield’s Calendar Tip For Habit Creation

Here I share with you a very easy tip on how to make sure you build consistent habits to help you shed the extra weight and keep it off. It’s a slant off a productivity tip I read about.

You see, I am somewhat of an addict when it comes to reading books and blogs on productivity, time management and psychology. I am always seeking information on new ways to get more out of my day and become a better, more creative thinker. This leads me down a rabbit hole of consistently reading every day and finishing several books a month.

One day I read an article by my favorite blogger James Clear called How To Stop Procrastinating. He wrote about the success of Jerry Seinfeld who was named “Top 100 Comedians of All–Time” by Comedy Central and the co–creator and co–writer of Seinfeld.

What is really amazing about Seinfeld is that he is able to produce quality material show after show, year after year. It amazes me that he is able to perform at a high level CONSISTENTLY!

Think about it. How many of us are able to be at our best every day? How many of us are consistent day in and day out 365 days a year on what we would like to be better at or improve it?

Many of us lack the discipline to keep it up.

We’d like to cook healthier but only when we have time and work just gets so busy.

We’d like sleep at least 8 hours a night but at night is the only time we get to relax so we like to stay up.

We’d like to exercise more but more often than not we are just not motivated.

The Jerry Seinfeld Secret To Consistency

So how do people beat procrastination and be consistent about their habits? This is the tip that Seinfield gave to an aspiring comedian to create better jokes and how to write everyday:

Get a big wall calendar that has a whole year on the page and hang it up. Get a big red magic maker. Each day you complete your task of writing put a big red X on that day. After a few days you’ll have a chain that grows longer every day. After a few weeks you’ll like seeing the chain. Your job is NOT to break the chain.

Here’s how to tie this to Step #2 for simple fat loss which is to Track What Counts.

Instead of focusing on your goal of fat loss, focus on creating lean, healthy habits. For instance,

  • track that you ate enough protein for the day
  • you got at least 7 hours of sleep last night
  • you put in your 30 minutes of exercise everyday

Pick one habit and use it for your wall calendar. Draw an X on the calendar for each day you complete your intended habit.

About 80% of what we do during the day is based on habit. Our behavior is just automatic. When healthy behaviors become a habit the energy it takes to maintain the habit is nil and it becomes easy.

Instead of checking your weight on the scale everyday focus on healthy habits and your weight will drop as a result of mastering healthy habits.

I remember reading a quote along the lines of ‘“Cultivate only the habits that you are willing should master you.” This is the power of habits. When you create new habits you are the master of them but later on they become the master of you.

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