Bison vs Beef – Which Is Better?

Last time I talked about the benefits of eating red meat and their different grades: conventional, processed, and grass fed, organic meat. Not all beef are processed equally nor do they come from the same source.

Side Note: So I want to really emphasize that when you buy your meats always do your best to buy and eat organic, grass fed versions when available. Buy the best you can afford because it’s better for you, the animal, and the planet.

Okay back to the article. 🙂

One thing that makes me wary about eating beef burgers when I’m out in restaurants is the percent fat that is in the ground beef they use. Sure there are lower fat substitutes like a turkey burger on the menu but it’s just not as tasty as a regular beef burger. I may be health conscious but I love my food so turkey burgers are not going to cut it.

(BTW I have tried making turkey burgers at home several times and I need to eat it with guacamole or an egg just to cut the dryness. Turkey burgers fail the taste test for me. If you have a fabulous turkey burger recipe please send it my way!)

When I took my usual trip to Costco a few months back I craved a burger and discovered ground bison.

It was sitting in a two pack in the meat aisle right next to the ground beef. What caught my eye about bison was that it was 90% lean/10% fat which was leaner than the ground beef beside it.

After asking my husband about how bison tastes because I didn't want to be stuck with 2lbs of something I didn't like, I threw a pack into my giant Costco cart to try it out.

During my research I found out that across the board of different cuts bison meat is lower in fat and higher in protein than beef.

For example, a 4oz serving bison ribeye has 6g of fat and 30g of protein compared to the beef equivalent which has 17g of fat and 27g of protein.

Not only is bison healthier but they are never administered antibiotics and hormones unlike beef. And bison are not domesticated animals so they are raised on open pastures allowed to freely graze instead of in feedlots.

You can learn more about bison here.

So I went home and made some bison burgers. I say for an amateur burger maker like myself they turned out juicy and oh so delicious! I was on a burger kick for a few weeks before Christmas but I plan on making them again this week.

Here’s the recipe I followed from Epicurious – Bison Burger with Cabernet Onions and Wisconsin Cheddar.

Make sure not to overcook them. If you have a meat thermometer you want to make sure the center of the patty hits 140 F for a medium cooked burger before you take it off the stove. Otherwise if the patty is about 1/4" thick cook it for about 3 to 4 min per side on medium high heat and it should be about medium cooked.

I hope you enjoy the recipe. If you're lazy just make the burger patty instead! 🙂

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