Is This Your Story?

When you rang in the New Year you imagined a new resolve and motivation to lose that extra holiday weight. You wanted to get healthier with your diet, get on an exercise plan to fit back into your old clothing size.

You imagined a confident you stepping into the gym knowing what types of strength training exercises to do. You knew what weights to lift, and if someone was using the equipment you wanted? Not a problem! You have alternative exercises in your back pocket.

You wanted to change your body and your health so you are in better shape, feel more confident and are healthier.

Your friends notice a more energetic, vibrant, positive you while your spouse notices that your body is firming up in all the right places.

But In Reality...

You struggle to be more consistent with working out and eating healthier.

You experience anxiety and fear of going to the gym because you’re afraid of who’s looking.

You go straight to the cardio machine even if it’s not getting the results you want.

You want to get started with free weights but you’re intimidated by people twice your size who know exactly what they’re doing. You worry that people are going to stare at you and judge you or even worse that you’re going to hurt yourself!

This feeling of awkwardness and insecurity you feel makes you stop going to the gym.

You weren’t seeing results no matter how hard you worked out anyways so you give up waiting till next year to start again with a new plan.

Does this sound like you?

I Was in Your Shoes 10 Years Ago

When I was in college all I did was cardio. I swam over a mile at the pool 5 days a week and was part of the track and field team. I hated running but it was the only form of exercise I knew how to do without hurting myself.

My skinny scrawny self back in the day when all I did was cardio.

My skinny scrawny self back in the day when all I did was cardio.

My body was not impressive and my sister described my body as skinny and scrawny. Not flattering.

After that comment I got curious about lifting but struggled with figuring out what to do at the gym. I used whatever machine that was not occupied. I looked at the pictures and read the safety information so I wouldn’t injure myself.

My exercises were random and I went when it was not crowded so no one could see me embarrass myself. I did not count how many reps and did not even know what a set or training program was. I figured I was lifting so I should get some results.

After a few years of random, unorganized workouts there were no improvements in the body department. I was going to the gym at least 3 days a week but still not getting the results I wanted! I wanted arms that looked more tone with a little more muscle, a little more curve in the booty area, and to get stronger.

What was I doing wrong?

The Infomercial That Transformed Me

One evening I bought something from an infomercial that changed my life. I always thought infomercials were gimmicky but this one drew me in because I got tired of not knowing what to do with weights. The body transformations were realistic and I saw myself learning a lot from this. I went online and gave them my credit card information that same night.

This was Tony Horton’s P90X and he completely changed how I approached my workouts.

Tony Horton was the first person to teach me how to workout with heavy weights and build lean muscle that I admired in other women at the gym.

I went from struggling to do one pull up to doing five in a row after 90 days! I got hooked and I worked out with Tony for years and did his program at the 24 hour fitness when my weights at home got too light.

Why Everyone Needs A Coach

What happened when I got on the right training and nutrition program customized for me.

What happened when I got on the right training and nutrition program customized for me.

As someone who loves to learn, I hired different personal trainers to teach me how to transform my body and get me stronger.

My recent accomplishments include,

  • Lowering my bodyfat from 28% to 21% in 4 months while keeping the same weight
  • Deadlifting 1.5X my bodyweight
  •  Breaking my plateau of doing 10 pullups and being able to do 13

Following other strength coaches in the field taught me how to write my own training programs to achieve my fitness goals.

By attending numerous strength conferences to learn from other coaches I learned how to improve my body movement and to get gradually stronger.

Let me pass on what I've learned through the years to help you achieve what you want for your body.



This Is What I’m About

I'm here to educate and teach you how to workout effectively to get results you want so you won’t spend years like I did figuring out what to do.

I want to expand your exercise options so that you’re no longer just stuck with the cardio machines.

You will be more confident working with free weights and know that your workout today will contribute to your dream body and improved health down the road years from now.


And What I Am Not

I don’t do fads or trends.

The fitness industry has become so intimidating for the average person who just want to workout without getting hurt. To me it has become a Cross Fit competition on all fronts on who can lift the most weight or know the latest fad exercise or have the coolest gear.

It’s become very trendy with the emphasis on looking good and looking a certain way to be considered fit. The fitness industry has become about looks, appearances, and being snobbish on peculiarities on food and diet.

I’m not here to perpetuate that mentality.

Training with me will help you get stronger, shed those pounds, and improve your movement quality so you can move better for years to come. I'm here to support you in whatever challenges you’re experiencing right now that make it difficult for you to achieve your fitness goals. And I will help you find realistic, sustainable solutions for your life and provide nutrition information that fits your lifestyle and makes you feel great.

As a result of training with me you can live a healthier, better quality life and continue to improve on bettering your health and fitness long after training with me.

What Others Have Said About Rhodes To Strength Personal Training

"[Candace] helped me gain results which I wouldn't have been able to gain on my own and help me stay confident about my body."    

- G. Mohmand


"Knowing I had someone focused just on me, I felt motivated to come in and be told what to do! [Candace] was very clear in her explanations as to why she was having me do the exercises she proposed, and was able to explain to me a lot of the science behind them."

- K. Umemoto