transform your body

Results in 1 Month With My Customized 60 Min Sessions




transform your body

Results in 1 Month With My Customized 60 Min Sessions



You belong here if you Have you ever said,

You want to look good with your clothes OFF.

You want to feel attractive, to feel sexy and wear whatever you want without shame or worry about how you look.

You’re unhappy with your body, you don’t like the way clothes fit you.

You just want to be a better, healthier, sexier version of you.


What Others Have Said about Rhodes To Strength Personal Training

"Knowing I had someone focused just on me, I felt motivated to come in and be told what to do! [Candace] was very clear in her explanations as to why she was having me do the exercises she proposed, and was able to explain to me a lot of the science behind them." - K. Umemoto

"[Candace] helped me gain results which I wouldn't have been able to gain on my own and help me stay confident about my body."     - G. Mohmed


 what to Expect When You train with Rhodes to strength

You will get stronger and eat better for your body while skyrocketing your confidence in yourself and your body.

You will become a leaner and stronger version of yourself without getting bulky.

You will learn become more confident around free weights using using dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells to become stronger.  

You will unleash the incredible things your body can do, leaving you feeling empowered and confident.


Rhodes To Strength Will Transform Your Body And Your Life