I know some of you love your Starbucks or Peet’s drinks. It’s your favorite part of the day before the hectic work day hits you in the face or what you order when you need an afternoon break from work.

When I worked as a Project Manager in the San Francisco Fidi district years ago it was an office ritual that a few of us would head to the Starbucks across the street to grab coffee for the rest of the office. It amazed me that my colleagues would be able to slurp down an entire Frappucino after eating lunch.

Then again it was no surprise when these same colleagues repeatedly complained that they’ve packed on pounds since working in the office. Combine a sedentary job with high calorie drinks everyday after lunch and you’ve got some pretty heavyset people in the office.

But I get why people love their coffee -  it’s the taste, the ritual of socializing with your friends, and the behavioral habit of it all.

My husband is a diehard fan of coffee.

He only buys Peet’s coffee beans. He wants his drip coffee brewed a certain way and grumbles when I don’t let the coffee grinds bloom long enough before I add more water. And I have no clue what he’s talking about because I don’t drink caffeine in any way so I ignore his comment. :)

But I get how picky people can be about their food and drinks. 

Still love your trip to Starbucks and Peet’s? Here’s what to do.


In my last article I mentioned the fastest way to lose weight was to cut out all the beverages in your diet besides water, tea, and black coffee. Even cut out fruit juices, protein shakes, and sports drinks because it can be a source of extra unaccounted for calories in your diet.

But since I know some of you are diehard coffee fans like my husband it just wouldn’t work to cut out your morning pleasure of making your routine trip to your coffee shop in the morning.

Instead of going cold turkey and cutting out your coffee habit I rather have you switch out what you order and order something lower in calories.

It’s a small change in your habit which makes it sustainable for the long-term.

Here I have compiled the Top 5 lowest calorie drinks on the Starbucks and Peet’s coffee menus that are not tea or just straight up black coffee variations. These are items you are ordering from the barista as opposed to the cold drinks you grab in front of the register and have nutrition information on the label.

If you’re already ordering these items *high five* and keep it up! If not, make the switch because those calories you’ve been sipping away in the morning add up quickly and at the end of year adds up to extra pounds and an expanding waistline.

And here we go with the list….

Top 5 Lowest Calorie Drinks At Starbucks

  1. Nitro Cold Brew With Sweet Cream – 70 calories (Grande - 16 oz)
  2. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew – 110 calories (Grande – 16 oz)
  3. Iced Coffee With Milk – 110 calories (Grande 16 oz with 2% milk only)
  4. Cappucino – 120 calories (Grande 16 oz with 2% milk only)
  5. Espresso Classics – Vanilla Latte – 130 calories (Short - 8 oz with 2% milk only)


Top 5 Lowest Calorie Drinks At Peet’s Coffee

  1. Iced Latte – 80 calories (Small 12 oz with Non-Fat Milk)
  2. Havana Cappucino or Iced Havana Cappacino – 93 calories (Traditional with either Non-Fat Milk, Soy Milk, or Almond Milk)
  3. Cold Brew Fog– 120 calories (Medium 16 oz)
  4. Cold Brew Fog Latte – 120 calories (Small 12 oz with either Coconut Milk, Non-Fat Milk or Soy Milk)
  5. Latte Macchiato – 130 calories (Medium 16 oz with Soy Milk)

Most of it comes down to what kind of milk you want to add to your drink and that dictates majority of the calories in your drink because coffee is like 5-10 calories. Choosing a fat free or a nut version of milk helps to cut down the calories because of the fat. So if you want to order a 'Grande' version of your favorite drink then cut back on the calories and choose a fat free milk.