I just finished snacking on a piece of Almond Roca as I write this. You know that toffee, butternut crunch coated in chocolate with ground almonds. It was leftovers from the Christmas holidays because moderation doesn’t work with me so I never bring sweets home.

I’m an all or nothing kind of person which means I will eat ALL of something in one sitting if possible.

From salted kettle chips, the container of guacamole, Trader Joes Lattemiele cookies etc.

So to control my portions I put what I want to eat in a small bowl, wrap up the package, and hide it. I do this to all my snacks.
If I get sweets as gifts like from my sister in Hawaii I put them on the absolute top cabinet shelf and hide it from plain sight. By doing so it makes is super difficult for me to get to which means I will track down easier foods which are healthier and I will forget about the sweets.

This little trick helps me stay consistent in eating healthy.

So what does this have to do with fat loss and becoming healthier?

When we are setting health goals we like to think big and extreme actions that will get us there because we are in a positive state of mind and well rested. We are ambitious on what we think we can achieve because we have a lot of energy, positivity, and willpower at the moment. We want to

Cut out all sugar and carbs out of my diet by tomorrow

Cut my calories in half and eliminate trips to Starbucks for lattes

Get to the gym at least 5 days a week

Say no to the donuts and free snacks at work

Realistically you might follow this plan for a week and even a week is stretching it because it is such a drastic change that doesn’t fit with your lifestyle. In your ideal perfect world you like the idea of being able to make those changes and keep it.

It’s like me wanting to get a Daschund. I love dogs and they are so cute but in reality I will neglect it and won’t give it the care that it deserves so I don’t get a dog but I love the IDEA of having a dog.

To be successful in the long run it’s better to focus on one small habit change, master it, then add another habit.

My final Simple Fat Loss Tip #6 is to be consistent with your healthy habits. Incorporating small changes that you can realistically accomplish will take you much farther than extreme lifestyle changes which will set you back.

It's about small wins. When you are able to master a small habit you become confident in your ability to make changes in your life which will lead to even more changes. By the end you will have created a architecture of habits and lifestyle changes that help you to lead a healthier life for weight maintenance.

Fat loss is a journey and it’s always about making progress no matter how small they are.