Some of my favorite articles to read on Business Insider are the ones where I think wow I didn’t think that was even possible!

You know the ones where someone makes a living by traveling the world.

Or where you read about a 24 year old making $10,000 a month teaching charisma.

It’s so inspirational and important to read because it shows me what is possible.

It’s like an iceberg under the surface

But behind the scenes and many years before they became successful there were likely many failures, long days and sleepless nights, with plenty of hours devoted to work.
I’m betting that those who became successful almost overnight that this was not their first attempt to achieve their dreams. They’ve been trying for years to get to this point by developing their skills.

When you look at people’s big successes, all you see are the results and the present moment. You see the iceberg tip of the successful results but not the hard work that led up to it.
The real work is hidden beneath the icy waters.

You don't see what's submerged

When you step into the gym whose physique do you admire and wish you looked like that?

I can guarantee you that he or she did not start working out a couple months ago.

What we see is a beautiful, sculpted body.

Behind the beautiful body we miss the hours they spent consistently at the gym with the weights and on the cardio machine.

At home we don’t see their meal prep and we don’t see them weighing out their food while counting their macros. We don’t see them getting 8 hours of sleep or planning their next workout program.

We see the end result, their beautiful physique, but not the hard work that went into it.

We’d like to think it’s because of great genetics and lots of willpower but it is the hard work that is hidden under the surface that we don’t see. It is years of consistent discipline.

Everyone’s journey is unique

Becoming healthy and having that body you desire is an ongoing journey. There is no overnight success that wasn’t built on discipline and habit. With consistent hard work you can be your own success story and achieve that dream body you admire at the gym.

Therefore Step #5 of the Simple Fat Loss is,

Relish today what you accomplished in the gym and in your life.

Enjoy today and this moment. There is no reason why you cannot be happy today with your body or your health even if you still have 10lbs to lose and you still struggle to eat healthier.

Feeling miserable about your condition now will only de-motivate you to continue making progress on your health journey.

We are always evolving and it’s a continual process. Let yourself celebrate your wins today. Wherever you are on your journey to better health and fitness reward and celebrate for what you accomplish in the gym and in your life today.

Enjoy today and the moment!