Most mornings I eat my breakfast in front of my computer while I’m browsing websites for quick reads on US Magazine or Yahoo! Celebrity. Yes I like my celebrity gossip and I cannot focus on two things if one of them involves eating hence the gossip reading. If there’s nothing juicy then I go to Business Insider and do a quick scan of anything interesting.

The other morning I ran across the headline “Nutrition experts got together and ranked the best diets of 2017 — here are the top 12”. I thought what’s the point of ranking diets?

I feel these types of articles stop people from taking action because we want to find a perfect solution that is going to give us the fastest results. But with new information coming out every day today’s “best” could be tomorrow’s “worst”.

You could take the same concept and apply it to picking out exercise routines. There are hundreds of different types of workouts that claim to get us what we want with less effort and in shorter times. With so much to choose we dabble a little here and a little there or we just never get started!

Should we do SoulCycle, CrossFit or Barry’s Bootcamp?

Is the 7-minute workout we saw on NYtimes better than Zumba class at the 24 hr Fitness? 

We keep debating when new information comes out and yet majority of us never stick to a workout program long enough to see results!

There is no perfect or better workout for you. You will get results from following any program.  The key here is CONSISTENCY.

Every workout program out there works IF you follow it.

And what’s the easiest way to be consistent with your workouts?

Step #3 of the Simple Fat Loss series: Find a workout that works for your schedule.


It’s not sexy nor is it super innovative which is why most people don't pay attention to it.

If you cannot fit in the 4 days a week that it requires then I suggest you find a different workout.

Having unrealistic expectations is why many people are motivated to start a workout program then drop off because work got busy, they lost motivation, or they just couldn’t get up at 5 am anymore etc.

Getting in shape and being healthy is a long term goal not a short term gain but we become short sighted with wanting instant results instead of maintaining and improving the results for life.

When we keep starting over we find ourselves making no progress and looking the same one year from now.

If you want to lose 20lbs, look trimmer, or carry all your groceries in one trip how do you start looking for a workout program that works for you?

First figure out a goal you’re interested in. Whether it is dropping a few pounds or learning how to get started in strength training for those groceries, figuring out your goal is the first step. It defines which program you’re going to follow.
Then find a workout that meets your goal AND you can realistically fit into your schedule. You can grab a fitness magazine at the store or find your favorite fitness blogger and try out their sample workouts, or Google for a workout program.

There are many different workouts to achieve the goal you are looking for. The important thing is to get started and stick with it.

Take notes, track your workouts and complete the program. At the end you can evaluate your results, then repeat the program with changes (increasing the weight, shorten the rest period, do an extra set etc) or start a different one.

Remember not to dabble with your workouts.

Program hopping is one the biggest mistake novices make when starting out and also the main reason why they don’t see results and look the same next year. One month they are focused on weight loss then the next month a program for great glutes catches their eye.
Completely different goals with different nutritional needs!

Keep your goal the goal until you finish a program.