Every year the #1 resolution for people who make resolutions is always weight loss or getting back in shape.

Was it yours for 2017?

Lately, I’ve been noticing 24-hour fitness ads on the billboards in my neighborhood and I’m anticipating the wave of new members soon to flood my gym.

It’s interesting to see the same cycle happen again year after year. The New Year motivates people to start working out again but come March/April most of them will quit waiting for another January to start anew.

Most don’t realize the mistake of relying only on motivation to keep them going to the gym. They overlook building solid habits that will keep them going consistently after they are no longer motivated.

Mastering a set of habits is what keeps people lean and strong throughout the entire year so that they keep going to the gym even when they don't feel like it.

In this new series called 6 Simple Steps for Fat Loss I will be focusing on how to take your current motivation for weight loss and keep yourself on track for the rest of the year to reach your ideal weight. If you’re tired of starting over again year after year with the goal to shed your extra weight then pay close attention to these steps.

Step #1 – Change Your Focus


When our goal is to lose weight we can become obsessive with the scale, with what we can and cannot eat, and how much we exercise. This makes weight loss stressful and unsustainable over the long run.

I remember when I was on a restrictive macro diet for fat loss, it was brutal to have to count what I ate. I made a spreadsheet and logged EVERY SINGLE thing I put in my mouth. If I couldn’t measure it I didn’t eat it. There were days where I opened my kitchen cabinets and bitched about the food I could not eat because it didn’t meet my macros.

There was no way I was dieting like this the entire year!

Let’s face it who wants to count every tomato in their salad and measure exactly one tablespoon of salad dressing knowing that it’s not enough dressing? Or make sure they burn exactly 285 calories on the treadmill at the gym?


This stress alone will cause us to lose sleep and gain weight. Instead here’s a better method,
Focus on your performance in the gym and what your body can do.

Instead of checking the scale and obsessing over every calorie, focus on getting that extra rep, increasing the weight, shortening the amount of time you do your workouts and making your exercises harder.

Carry a notebook and pen with you at the gym to record your workouts. It'll give you feedback on what areas you're strong in and what areas you need to focus on improving.

For as long as I could remember I carried a notebook and a pen to the gym to record my workouts. From which machine I used, to which exercise I did, to how many reps and at what weight. 

I wanted to see if I was getting better. As a progress driven person I wanted get stronger and improve on what I was doing.  A notebook documented my progress and also motivated me to keep working out consistently.

When you focus on your performance in the gym fat loss will become a byproduct.