Transform Your Body Part I - How To Think About Your Health and Fitness Goals Differently

Everyone tells you to set goals in life. Did you automatically think of the sacrifices you’ll have to make to reach your goal and never make one in the first place?

Time and money you will have to spend at the gym.

Saying no to dessert or to your favorite cocktail.

Turning down dinners with friends and family because you’re on a diet.

That sucks!! This negative association with future behaviors to reach your health goals will stop you from pursuing your goals.

Instead think of RIGHT NOW. How will reaching your goal TODAY make you feel?

Imagine fitting into your college jeans or being strong enough to bring all your groceries in the house in one trip. Imagine how it feels to do your first pull up or have more spring in your step because you are in better shape than you were before.

Do you feel more confident or more independent and more strong?

Thinking about how reaching your goal will impact you TODAY will motivate you to take action sooner to achieve your goal in the future. You can experience reaching your goals TODAY by letting your future goal add hope, enthusiasm, and motivation to your life RIGHT NOW.

Go ahead and set your health and fitness goals with this in mind.