Transform Your Body Part 3 - Start With One Healthier Habit

Choosing what to eat for the body you desire is not as complicated as diet books make it out to be. There is no secret ‘formula’ for your perfect body. If 90% of your calories come from healthy, whole, minimally processed foods, you’re already on track to looking leaner and being healthier.

You don’t need the next trending diet to be in great health and be in great shape. Because let’s face it we’ve all fallen of the diet wagon, we succumb to sweets, fast food or for me instant Ichiban ramen when we know it’s not good for us. We’re not perfect, we’re human, and it’s okay. If we eat clean and healthy 90% of the time, it’s okay to let go of the 10%. 

Below are healthy diet guidelines,

* Take at least 15 minutes to eat your meals and stop eating when you’re 80% full.

* On your plate, double your veggies and half your carbs. This allows for more fullness with half the calories for losing fat.

* Choose minimally processed foods. Most foods that come in boxes/packages and live on shelves are processed.

* Add lean cuts of protein to your meals. This helps with feeling full, muscle maintenance, and optimal metabolism.

* Drink mostly water or tea. Drinking your calories in the form of soda/juices/lattes only work to expand your waistline.

The steps to eating healthier is simple but people fail because they try to incorporate too many new eating habits all at once.

Mastering one new habit a month will equal to 12 new healthy habits a year for a lifetime of being healthy, transforming the way you look. The road to health and looking great naked starts with ONE healthier habit.

It’s as simple as that!