Transform Your Body Part 5 - It’s Everyday, Not Once In A While

There is one thing that the fitness and health industry rarely talks about when it comes to being healthier and feeling better. They rather have you caught up on the next trend, buy the newest DVDs, supplements, trending health food, and get you on the latest diet that promises you your desired result.

As a personal trainer, I rather you find a workout and an eating lifestyle that that you can be CONSISTENT about versus trying latest diet that promises results sooner. Sit down and be honest with yourself about what health and workout habits you can reasonable sustain because being healthy should not be a short term goal but a lifetime one.

Being CONSISTENT is the secret to reaching and maintaining your health and fitness goals.

What you do everyday has a greater impact on your life than what you do every once in a while. By following one of my healthy diet guidelines and picking a workout program to follow for 6 weeks you are on your way to looking good naked.

Consistency builds habit and discipline long after your motivation to workout or to eat healthy is gone. It’s the best kept secret in the health and fitness industry.