How was your Thanksgiving holiday? I spent turkey day in Hawaii with my family and of course feasting on the delicious local foods like Kahuku garlic shrimp, BBQ Kalbi style and visiting my favorite Japanese curry place Curry House. By the time you read this email I will be on a plane to Singapore and Malaysia with my friend for our vacation.

The biggest challenge with coming back from the holidays is getting back on to your regular routine. It is this interruption in routine is where most people drop off their clean eating and workout routine. They feel defeated and find that it’s a hard uphill battle to get back on track while months pass them by.

In this email I’m going to share how to help you get back on track fast after the holidays.

Step #1 - Shutdown the internal negative monologue you have. The ‘I blew my diet’ or the ‘I just ate way too much' and I’m such a (negative statement)’ talk. It’s fine that you have this monologue and you feel that way because you don’t want to deny what you’re feeling but don’t stay there okay? It’s unproductive and makes you feel worse.

Accept that what happened in the past cannot be changed. Staying in a negative mindset won’t help you make progress to where you want to be. Instead replace your dialogue with you had an ‘awesome holiday’ or ‘the time spent with family and Aunt Betty was great’.

Replace it with a positive reflection of your holiday/vacation.

Step #2 - Stay away from Google. Don’t go Googling for the quick fix on how to drop 10 pounds after the holidays or how to lose vacation weight fast. You want to be able to sustain the eating and workout habits you form in the new year and the quick fix is not the answer.

Focus on what you did before you went on holiday and get it back into your routine.

For me it means when I get back from vacation it’s grocery shopping the same day, if possible. I head to Costco for my meats and Rainbow Grocery for vegetables and grains. When I come home I try to prep some food for the week because I know that when I’m hungry and there is no food prepped I will call for take out or complain to my husband about it eventhough it's my fault.

So getting back on a regular routine ASAP for me is very important otherwise when the week starts it’ll be harder to eat healthy.

Step #3 - Start with one day at a time versus a whole week. Get back with your healthy eating habits or exercise habits for that day and slowly cycle them back in with your routine. Take it one day at a time and do your best for that day. You’ll find that it’ll be less stressful and easier to manage when you focus on one day versus an entire work week.

When I come back traveling I allow myself extra sleep and time to adjust.  Even coming back from New York last month I found myself exhausted from jet lag because my flight was at 7 am East Coast time so instead of working out that day I focused on eating healthy. I caught up with things around the house and went for a long walk.

Holidays can and will throw a kink in your routine so manage your expectations and don’t expect perfection when you get back. The point is to keep making progress not achieve perfection.