Well I’m going to be traveling for the last 3 weeks of November visiting family in Hawaii then a friend and I are going to Southeast Asia for 10 days. This means my diet is going to be chaotic and I will have less control over what I’m eating.

So in preparation I have put myself on a low carb diet for the past four weeks by cutting out 90% of the regular carbohydrates I usually eat to reduce my bodyfat.

With one more week to go before I leave for vacation I have not been as restrictive with my diet as I was two years ago. I am still attending events and dinners but have intentionally avoided eating anything with lots of carbs and stayed cleared of starches.

To help me adhere to my diet when going out to eat I eat a serving of protein and vegetables BEFORE I left the house to make sure I would get my protein for the meal. As a result, I ended up eating less than the usual when I ate out. This brings me to my second holiday tip for helping you maintain your weight during feasting,

Tip #2 Eat Before You Get To The Party

I know, I know the best part of the holiday dinners are the unhealthy food and desserts.
If your family dinners and holiday parties are never that exciting and the food is blah well I feel sorry for you. Tell the host to do better on food next year or you’re not attending. :)

Eating my serving of protein BEFORE I went out to events and dinners helped me control how much I was going to eat when I arrived. It also made other high carb choices much less tempting. At the same time if I really wanted to eat a carb dessert I permitted myself to eat one even if I am on a low carb diet right now because I ate my essentials beforehand.

By eating something healthy before going to the party it will help you control how much you do eat at the holiday party.

It’s like never go grocery shopping when you’re famished because you end up buying the high carb, high sugar, high fat items when you’re clearly trying to eat healthy. Likewise when going to holiday parties and dinners, eat beforehand to help you eat less when you’re there. It’ll make you feel less guilty for eating a dessert or two and help control your appetite.