Transform Yourself - Part II Ask Yourself Why Your Health/Fitness Goal Is Important To You

Last week you figured out how you would feel if you reached your goal TODAY. This week I want to ask you why you picked those goals.

Is it to look great naked?

Is it to feel sexier and get more dates?

To be able look great at that special event coming up?

As a woman, my 'why' was to kick-ass like Jackie Chan and Jet Li. It looked cool to be fast and strong and to also disprove to my parents that kicking ass was only for guys. Today my ‘why’ has evolved to being able to remain independent for as long as I can when I am older.

Have you started and stopped gym routines, running routines, group classes, each going for several months or even a year before you burn out? Do you keep feeling like exercising is like a painful inconvenience?

Solve this challenge by being honest with yourself and get clear on your ‘why’. What is YOUR ‘why’ you start working out?

Getting clear on your why inspires action to keep you on your journey to reaching your health and fitness goals. Continualaction is what builds habit long after motivation disappears.

Be honest with your ‘why’. You don’t have to share it with anyone but you do need to be honest with yourself. Your why isgoing to help you achieve better health and the body you want.