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Hi, I'm Candace Rhodes


and I help female professionals who are novice lifters lose weight and tone up so they can feel healthy again. 

If you’ve tried going to the gym inconsistently, taking various classes and even joining Weightwatchers with ZERO results to prove it, I can change all of that.

You have big dreams! Let’s get you a body with energy, stamina and strength so that you can achieve them and feel confident and proud of your figure.

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Results You Can See in 90 Days

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"In one month of training with Candace I dropped my bodyfat from 24% to 19% while maintaining my weight. Candace really took the time to educate me on healthy nutrition and how to monitor my diet by meal planning, listening to my body, and doing a food diary. She taught me to know where my limits were and how to challenge myself during my workouts." -Ye Chen

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After having 2 kids I hired Candace to get a customized program to get a flatter stomach and more tone. I've become a more confident person since training and dropped 2 inches around my waist in less than 3 months. My stomach is flatter and tighter. For the first time in 4 years I am able to get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans and shorts! -Tiffany. Lau

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"An amazing experience! Candace taught me so much about muscle activation, proper form and nutrition. She was so positive and encouraging and pushed me when needed. She zoned in on all the areas I needed help with just by being inquisitive and interested. I feel confident about lifting weights and walk away much more knowledgeable after my sessions with her. Great fit for me!" -Bernie Hardiman